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We are so happy to post the song teasers from Trunk Call, the upcoming Blogswara album! Trunk Call is the first of it’s kind in the history of Blogswara as the album has a central theme of bi-lingual songs which brings in the flavors of different languages and music genres into each song.

Contrary to the previous albums of Blogswara (earlier, Blogswara let itself to be the platform for ready-to-publish songs so people could send in what they had ready at hand), we had asked the song teams to work on a central theme that required each song to have a minimum of two languages. The theme stands close to the very basic principle of Blogswara, which is to unite people from different places using music as the medium to communicate. Even though we had received 19 song teams announcing their participation, only 6 song teams had submitted the songs out of which only 4 could make it to the final list. So we thank all the 4 song teams who took an extra effort to create new songs based on the given theme.

So here it comes, the song teasers from the upcoming album. Listen, share and show some love! :-) The new album will go live online (need I say that the entire album is free to listen and download?) on January 1st, 2012. So stay tuned for the full versions!

Click on the player below to hear song teasers of Blogswara’s upcoming album Trunk Call! (Please scroll down to hear songs from the previous Blogswara albums)



  1. 12-28-2011

    I am not able to use the player. :(

    • 12-28-2011

      Unni, please make sure that you have Adobe Flash player installed.

  2. 3-16-2013

    I find the idea of bi lingual songs interesting it will add an unusual feel to the music.


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